ダンジョンに潜むヤンデレな彼女に俺は何度も殺される RAW FREE

ダンジョンに潜むヤンデレな彼女に俺は何度も殺される RAW FREE
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Kiska was slandered and banished to the deepest part of the Dungeon in the transition camp. For the unskilled and non-adventurous like Kiska, it was a death sentence for him. He was attacked by a high level monster, and just when he thought his death was near, a voice rang out. “I will help you.” Then someone said, “The name of the skill I will give you is ‘Save and Reset.’” With this skill, which was suddenly given to him, Kiska has the power to rewind time just before he was killed. This thing seems to be able to avoid death, but it is the beginning of a new hell. More than monsters and traps lurk inside. Kiska meets beautiful heroines sealed within the dungeon, beautiful vampires who like to bewitch, and incarnations of demonic swords, and he has been repeatedly targeted for slaying. However, when Kiska met them for numerous of times, he begins to realize a strategy to make them fall in love with him…? Sometimes they would kill him, and sometimes they would love him. Kiska, who died and returned to the save point again and again, will conquer the hardest dungeons to get revenge!
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ダンジョンに潜むヤンデレな彼女に俺は何度も殺される RAW FREE CHAPTERS

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