雷帝の軌跡 ~俺だけ使える【雷魔術】で異世界最強に!~

雷帝の軌跡 ~俺だけ使える【雷魔術】で異世界最強に!~
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Shizuru Tachibana, an ordinary businessman, was struck by lightning and died due to a divine mistake, but as an apology he received the "blessing of the god of thunder" and was reborn in another world. He was born as Sizzle, the second son of a marquis, and what he saw was... He is immediately in trouble after being reborn, as he sees a powerful "Black Dragon of Disaster" attacking him! However, Sisulu is able to defeat the black dragon with his "lightning magic" and becomes the center of attention from the first day of his reincarnation. While deepening his relationship with his hero father Glenn, his fiancee Lucina, and his beloved maid Marle, he decides to become the strongest in the world. Furthermore, Sisulu makes a contract with the great spirit Vritra as his magic partner. I will become the world's most powerful magician with this lightning magic! The adventurous tale of a boy reborn as the one and only lightning magician who becomes the strongest in another world begins here!
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雷帝の軌跡 ~俺だけ使える【雷魔術】で異世界最強に!~ , Kaminari Mikado No Kiseki Ore Dake Tsukaeru De Isekai Saikyo Ni!, Kaminari Mikado no Kiseki: Ore dake Tsukaeru “Kaminari Majutsu” de Isekai Saikyō ni!


雷帝の軌跡 ~俺だけ使える【雷魔術】で異世界最強に!~ CHAPTERS

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