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In order to earn enough money for his sister, Henry set out to become an adventurer. Unfortunately, because his disengage skill was considered useless and his stats were too low, many adventurers berated him and considered him incompetent. Even when he finally managed to join a party, he was quickly dismissed. Out of desperation, Henry attempted a solo dive into a dungeon, and that was when he made a shocking discovery: Utilizing under specific circumstances would allow him to clip through walls. Once he clipped through the walls, he was able to bypass the dungeon boss monster and receive the clear reward. Not only that, he was able to collect the one-time clear reward an infinite number of times! By taking advantage of this loophole, Henry has the potential to grow at breakneck speeds! Meanwhile, the thugs who bullied Henry and berated him as incompetent have found themselves in a sticky situation.
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最弱な僕は<壁抜けバグ>で成り上がる~壁をすり抜けたら、初回クリア報酬を無限回収できました!~, The Disengage Skill Turns Into a “Wall Clip Bug” Under Specific Conditions! When I Clipped Through the Dungeon Wall, I Was Able To Collect An Infinite Amount of First-Time Clear Rewards and So My Stats Skyrocketed!, Saijaku na Boku wa "Kabenuke Bug" de Nariagaru. ~ Dungeon no Kabe wo Surinuketara, Shokai Clear Houshuu wo Mugen ni Kaishuu Dekita node, Kigatsukeba Saikyou ni Natteimashita ~


最弱な僕は<壁抜けバグ>で成り上がる~壁をすり抜けたら、初回クリア報酬を無限回収できました!~ CHAPTERS

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