SSSランクダンジョンでナイフ一本手渡され追放された白魔導師 ユグドラシルの呪いにより弱点である魔力不足を克服し世界最強へと至る

SSSランクダンジョンでナイフ一本手渡され追放された白魔導師 ユグドラシルの呪いにより弱点である魔力不足を克服し世界最強へと至る
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Rei, a white mage who belongs to an A-rank adventurer party, is expelled from the party as a useless person who cannot move after using Heal once. Only one dagger knife was handed over. Left alone in the SSS rank dungeon, Labyrinth of Yggdrasil, Rei prepares for death... You e the first human to reach this far. As if being guided by something, Rei meets Norn, a mysterious girl who lives in the lowest level of the dungeon, World Tree! Rei, who obtained infinite magical power, was trained by Norn to survive in this harsh dungeon... Norn, I... there was something left unfinished. The boy who has become the strongest returns to earth with only one knife in his hand...! The strongest high fantasy begins here!
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SSSランクダンジョンでナイフ一本手渡され追放された白魔導師 ユグドラシルの呪いにより弱点である魔力不足を克服し世界最強へと至る, SSS Rank Dungeon de Knife Ichihon Tewatasare Tsuihou Sareta Hakuma Doushi: Yggdrasil no Noroi Niyori Jakuten Dearu Maryoku Fusoku wo Kokufukushi Sekai Saikyou e to Itaru, SSS (Triple Esu) Rank Dungeon De Knife Ichi Hon Tewatasare Tsuiho Sareta Hakuma Doshi Yugudorashiru No Noroi Niyori Jakutendearu Maryoku Fusoku Wo Kokufuku Shi Sekai Saikyo He to Itaru, SSS Rank Dungeon de Knife Ichihon Tewatasare Tsuihō Sareta Hakuma Dōshi: Yggdrasil no Noroi Niyori Jakuten Dearu Maryoku Fusoku o Kokufukushi Sekai Saikyō e to Itaru


SSSランクダンジョンでナイフ一本手渡され追放された白魔導師 ユグドラシルの呪いにより弱点である魔力不足を克服し世界最強へと至る CHAPTERS

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